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Contract Administrator

Contract Administrators invariably find themselves in a unique  position in relation to a construction process.  Even though they are appointed by the Employer they must nevertheless act fairly and exercise independent judgement when it comes to addressing the decision making functions within a building contract.

As Contract Administrator our aim is to deliver the project with minimal dispute.

Our services include:

  • Identifying the Client’s requirements

  • Assembling a project team

  • Developing a programme of works from planning to post-construction

  • Establishing a budget

  • Arranging, where agreed, capital and life cycle costs studies

  • Liaison on legal matters

  • Determining and implementing the tender process

  • Preparing cash flow forecasts and statements and authorising payments

  • Continuously reviewing the programme to correct deviations and apprise the Client of their occurrence

  • Establishing a management framework and procedures

  • Co-ordination of construction work in person or through an agent

  • Monitoring performance and progress

  • Quality control by inspection and/or arranging third party insurance for Quality Assurance schemes

  • Reviewing all payments due under contracts and finance agreement

  • Handing over the building after re-testing and full commissioning of services

  • Dealing with defects during defects liability period and providing agreed management of relocation 

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