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SelwayJoyce - Coronavirus-Covid-19 Procedures.

The intention of this document is to outline the procedures that SelwayJoyce have implemented to reduce the risk and spread of Covid-19, subject to further Government advice.

We would like to assure you that it is not our intention to close the business at any time and by implementing the below procedures we are confident we can remain to deliver our usual services.

We would appreciate your support and understanding with implementing these procedures and would ask that you inform us of any changes/procedures that you have in place.


1. Staff are updated daily to the Governments latest advice.

2. All staff are following guidance from

3. Any staff member that is feeling unwell will not be in the office or attending site.

4. We have implemented strict hygiene measures and provided all staff members with the appropriate toiletries, as well as in all communal areas.


5. Where possible staff will work remotely, all staff members are set up on our internal system ensuring they can work outside of the office productively.

6. Staff members that find it impossible to work from home will have unicellular space available within the office to avoid contact with other members of staff.

7. All staff will be available via phone and email during office opening hours, our office phone has been diverted to the Director’s PA who can assist you with the contact details for members of staff if necessary.

8. All non-essential meetings in our office are being cancelled.

9. Any necessary meetings will be restricted to a maximum of 3 people in our basement conference room with private access to ensure social distancing and no undue access to other members of staff.

10. We advocate, where possible, all external communication is via telephone or email.

11. External visits to our office are extremely restricted and require prior approval.


11. Site valuations in the ‘open’ will continue as normal.

12. We will NOT attend any group meetings with multiple attendees but will be available via phone.

13. Small meetings may be attended subject to the host providing or demonstrating acceptable distancing and strict hygiene procedures.

14. All members of staff will carry anti-bacterial hand gel for their own use.


15. In order to attend any meetings, we require the hosts acceptable distancing procedures prior to attendance.

16. We ask that you inform us at as soon as possible if a member of our team could have been in contact with anyone that has tested positive for the coronavirus – we will do the same to you.

17. Please let us know if you have any advice/suggestions on how we can improve of procedures.

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